5 Great Things About Edward Lodge – Brisbane’s Best Airport Accommodation Option!

5 Great Things About Edward Lodge – Brisbane’s Best Airport Accommodation Option!


There is no doubt that Australia is one of the most beautiful continents with an extremely likeable culture, eye-catchy landscapes, impressive urban life and eclectic suburbs. In this particular article however we wouldn’t like to concentrate on the general aspects of what makes Australia great. Instead, we’d like to catch your interest and visit one of Australia’s top destinations – Brisbane. As you most likely already know, Brisbane is one of the most populous cities in Australia as well as the capital of the state of Queensland. And up to know, it has also become one of the most visited and cherished cities by tourists with a multitude of attractions, sights, cultural and historical spots, a beautiful wildlife, natural sanctuaries, and so forth. When it comes to visiting Brisbane, there’s some advice we can give you that will actually elevate your experience. It’s always better to start with the exploration of the suburbs. So instead of starting to explore one of the Australia’s most populous cities at once, you should start with exploring its surroundings. In this case, the best way to get it done is to choose a Brisbane airport accommodation option located in New Farm which, at this point, is considered to be “Brisbane’s most livable suburb”.

Don’t think of New Farm as of the suburbs you’re used to visiting as an avid traveler. We promise that this suburb is nothing like what you’ve already seen. Instead of being a boring and monotonous place, New Farm proves to be one of the most eclectic and alfresco destinations in Australia. Not so long ago it suffered a high spike of interest rates from both local authorities and foreigners which subsequently resulted in a substantial influx of tourists leading to the prosperity of the suburb.

If you choose New Farm, we’d like to advice you on the best airport accommodation option in this suburb. Edward Lodge located very close to the CBD is these days thought to be the best motel in the surroundings of Brisbane. You will never go wrong if you choose Edward Lodge as your place to stay while visiting the beautiful city of Brisbane. Besides being treated like royalty (which isn’t that bad, is it?!) you will enjoy beautiful landscapes and some eclectic dining places, shopping centers, and some other community facilities. And this is not the best part yet!

Keep on reading to get to know the 5 great things about Edward Lodge – Brisbane airport accommodation that is getting momentum today.

  1. Choose your accommodation type with Edward Lodge. This modern and sophisticated Brisbane airport accommodation motel provides its clients with the chance to choose from King, Queen + Single, Queen Room, Super Saver Double room as well as Apartment 9 based on your own liking and needs. Make sure that you check out the available accommodation options on the web page or get in touch with the motel’s reception to find out about room availability.

  2. Enjoy the lush tropical gardens surrounding Edward Lodge. There’s definitely no other place like this boutique-style motel located in the New Farm suburb. Especially if you’re a nature lover and you’d like to wake up to a mesmerizing view from your window and a therapeutic environment around you, you’d certainly want to book your stay at the Brisbane airport accommodation in one of the city’s best suburbs.

  3. Take a cruise with the City Cat Ferry. Undoubtedly, this is an experience you don’t want to miss. The City Cat public system transportation is a great way to take a look at Brisbane while enjoying a comfortable seat and capturing the breezes. You are welcome to embark on this journey of discovery of Brisbane’s surrounding beauty without having to worry about the financial side of it. It’s rather cheap and available for all budgets. An all-day Off-Peak ticket system is available to improve your experience.

  4. Enjoy the Powerhouse Farmers Market that is near Edward Lodge, and nourish your body with fresh and healthy foods each 2nd and 4th Saturday of every Month. This open air market, besides giving you the chance to stock your pantry with tasty food items, also offers you a plethora of other things for sale from artisan products to kitchen goods. This market is widely cherished not only by the 8000 residents living in New Farm, but also the nearby suburbs.

  5. Dine out at the eclectic and alfresco restaurants or cafes close-by. The good thing about Edward Lodge is that it is perfectly located a few minutes from the suburb’s centre brimming with a wide range of places to go to such as restaurants, cafes, bistros, shopping malls and the like. When you’re there, make sure that you taste the traditional cuisine so that you expand your understanding and knowledge of the Queensland area. You are certainly going to love the tasty dishes prepared by Australia’s top-notch chefs, the chilly atmosphere as well as the appealing décor of the eating establishments.

In case that you are planning a visit to Brisbane to get a feel a of the modern urban life, visit the natural sanctuaries, the cultural and historical places as well as many other attractions, enjoy its wildlife and explore the surroundings, you should definitely start you trip with your stay at Brisbane airport accommodation – Edward Lodge – a boutique-style motel located in one of the most eclectic and sophisticated suburbs, New Farm.<

We highly encourage you to check out the web site as well as get in touch with a motel’s representative (or instead, call the reception) to check for room availability and make the right decision today. At Edward Lodge, you are going to be treated like royalty, and your stay is going to be one of the most exciting experiences you will ever have! Edward Lodge motel is one of the few Brisbane airport accommodation options with 100% positive feedback both offline and online! So feel free to book your stay today and embark on this great journey of discovery of Brisbane and its surrounding areas.