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The historic New Farm, one of Brisbane’s oldest suburbs, was first established there in about 1827 by Mr Patrick Logan. By that time, it was called Binkin-ba by local aborigines. Further in time, during the Second World War there was a marine base in the area. Also, New Farm was also a popular location for many wealthy lawyers and merchants to live.

In 1912, a substantial, double story brick property known as Edward Lodge was completed. These bricks used in the construction were manufactured in England and transported on ships to Australia as ‘Ballast Bricks’. The architecture intrigued people due to the different style of classic weatherboard Queenslander were used to see in the New Farm area.

When it was first built, our building was a commercial property. In 1912 local newspaper, there are advertisements for laundry staff indicating our address. The following year, a change of course happened and the Lodge, by that time named Badu, was occupied by Mr and Mrs Minshull family. There are reports in the paper of enjoyable weddings, parties and presentations being held at Badu in Sydney Street.


It is clear that this early 20th century property has always provided a safe home for various people over a long time and today, it stays true to that purpose. Edward Lodge maintains its original integrity and solid construction values well into the twenty first century. Since 2006 under the current ownership, the Lodge has been continuously restored and improved. The first refurbishment featured a gentle Thai theme with restful rooms and lush, Asian - style Gardens. Nowadays, the work couldn’t be any more different. The present focus is on representing the house in context with its age. The owners work with Brisbane’s interior designer Harriet Redmond in order for the Lodge to slowly return to its heritage best.

The designer comments that Brisbane’s subtropical, relaxed and interesting vibe was the inspiration behind the crisp, clean, fresh tones of Edward Lodge. The nearby iconic New Farm Park and the historic tree lined streets surrounding the Lodge inspired the overall green theme has been drawn from Interior spaces. The junction of comfort and subtle elegance were key to the designers brief. Due to it’s amazing design and location, Edward Lodge is a hidden gem in New Farm. This Brisbane’s boutique hotel has loyal guests who fall in love with its charm and come back time and time again. Every day new people find us from every corner of Australia and overseas destinations too. We look forward to welcoming our new and returning guests to our wonderful property when next they visit Brisbane.

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